Friday, May 24, 2013

The Incorrigible Walkthrough of Comics

Finally, an art update!

I’ve been reading The Incorrigible Children ofAshton Place by Maryrose Wood and it is FANTASTIC. I’ve always loved funny historical books with a fantasy/supernatural spin to it (hence I’m such a big fan of Diana Wynne Jones.)! Maryrose Wood is already on my favourite writers list!

Fantastic series and I recommend it to anyone who loves Middle Grade or just the funny historical fantasy genre in general!

My favourites include Penelope, our spirited main character and Lady Constance Ashton who is so animated and charismatic that it’s hard for you to hate her. Also, Simon is adorable.

Drew this after taking a break from inking the horror comic that Grim and I are doing for an Anthology.

Speaking of the anthology, here’s a preview our story! Again, I’ve paired up with Grim, as I always do, and have somehow managed to squeeze this between all the comics and my day job! 

Also, the anthology is for charity. Check out the Comics page to see the other Charity anthology we participated in last year!

And also, because I’ve been meaning to make this for a while, here’s a walkthrough of how I made a page of :EPOCH Files. Nothing detailed, but let’s see how this goes.

Once Grim finishes the script, I tumbnail /storyboard  the whole comic. Afterwards we move to revisions. Once revisions are made, I go ahead and start drafting the pages.

The drafts usually take several tries and I start to rethink and rework the layout. Once I get that done I'm ready to make proper sketches. I use Paint Tool SAI.

Making fine sketches takes some time and it's where I, unlike the previous steps, pay more attention to the depth , perspective and anatomy of the figures and backgrounds.

Here's what the fine sketch looks like. I usually  do the background first, then the figures but I jump back and forth sometimes.

Then I proceed to ink. The time I use differs depending on the page but I ink pretty quickly . During this part, I tend to make alterations to the original sketch. It's just a constant editing process.
 Note: The blue and red lines are margin lines. Blue being the "Live" area and red being be "Cut Off" area, or "Bleed" area. I use this format for printing (No plans for printing :EPOCH Files so far though).

Once I'm done inking, I move to doing colour flats. I HATE this part because it can take ages. This stage still has room to make edits to your line art. Once I finish the figures, I move onto the background.

Once the flats on figures and backgrounds are done, I start shading them. This is a pretty quick process, unless I make some edits.

Once done, I move to Photoshop where I add SFX and  texture brushes to add skin blemishes. This prevents the overall comic from looking like it's made of plastic.

Then I add the dialogue. I usually add the text first, then the speech bubbles. After a few more minor edits (eg. The  color of the wall.), I'm DONE!
I hope that was at least a little interesting  read/look at!

Ok, I believe 2 posts in one day is enough. 

Much Love

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