Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here's something more recent...

I'm working on another comic anthology, Ink'd Well Comics' Fearsome Fables, with Grim. Here's a sneak peek! This will be our 4th comic in print! I need a drink.

Still in the process of inking!
More details on the comic in the future :)

Much love dudes, much love.



Welp. I haven't posted things in a while so here are a bunch of old sketches and comic pages to compensate!

Here's a sketch of the :EPOCH Files gang in an alternate telling of the story. Moira's a Warrior Priest, River is a Demon Hunter and Sordis is the deadly vampire, Count Sordikof. NOT Canon. It was just a way to make fun of all the werewolves and vamipres.

Here's a page of :EPOCH Files that I'm pretty fond of!

And following the previous page!
In case you guys are interested in reading :EPOCH Files, CLICK HERE~

Signing off~