Classy Librarian is Classy.

Hello there! The name's Lindsy, but people have been calling me Shen for years, so let's go with that. :D

I've been drawing and writing most of my life, but I've recently dipped my toes into the pool that is the world of publication! I work very closely with my creative partner, the talented Aileen S. Balucanag who serves as my co-writer, manager, publicist and dictator (I tend to have lazy days).

I've been a Librarian since 2010 and I have a gigantic cosmic love for tea and books. My dream is to move to Venice and marry a gondolier.

As a writer, cartoonist and student, I'm usually found extremely busy or completely up in the clouds. I like to believe that I am a funny person.

As a librarian, I am an avid reader of books, especially Middle Grade and Young Adult. I am a great admirer of Edgar Allen Poe (despite my hyperactive disposition, I like to believe that I have a small, small, small dark side. It's the only thing that makes me interesting.) and have recently vowed to read every single one of Diana Wynne Jones' amazing novels.

Online Comics

:EPOCH Files

Published Work

as part of the Ghost Tales Comic Anthology by Gurukitty Studios

Post-It (2012)
as part of the Indie Ladies Comic Anthology 2012

The Sealed Room (2012)
as part of the Fearsome Fables Charity Anthology by Ink'd Well Comics

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