Wednesday, March 20, 2013



How long has it been? March is almost over and not a single post? No art? No writing?? WHAT HAS BECOME OF THIS YEAR’S PRODUTIVITY?

Despite the lack of bloggy updates, I’ve been very productive. So much that I haven’t even the energy to update! Even my tumblr has been collecting dust, aside from the artsy reblogs.

Anyway, February was extremely tiring and I haven’t been able to draw properly due to the busy-ness…  ah ok let me start over.

I had to take care of several things during Feb, so art and writing were put on hold and even comic updates were delayed. Now that March has rolled in and I am free of other worries,  regular updates shall resume! Hopefully.

Grim and I have been hard at work with comic stuff! In fact, just a few minutes ago, we came up with some pretty solid stuff! It’ll be a while before we get to work on it, but it’ll be worth the wait! At work, Grim and I have to make several promotional posters. When the fat cats want changes, it’s a waste to just toss them away so….. Sketches made from A4 paper torn into 4 pieces with markers and a felt tip pen xD




Speaking of comics, we've recently got all our anthology copies!

Gurukitty's Once Upon A Time Anthology (I did the cover!)
Ink'd Well Comic's Charity anthology, Fearsome Fables!

They’re all super pretty and filled with awesome stories and comics so I hope you guys check’em out! You can find more info on Grim and my contributed stories at the COMICS page!

Grim’s been working hard with inking too! Does some pretty god linework after only a short time! We’ll be posting update on that too (Upin her blog! Check it out!)!

Here's one! Inks by Grim, Pencils by LuvWyer

We both still have a long way to go, and the process is a painful one, but the end results are what matter! 

Also, the Korean variety show Running Man is hilarious. WATCH IT.

All that aside, I've been working on a new story, one that stemmed from the short story snippet I wrote back in January. It's tentatively called Refuge and I'm still ironing out the kinks! I've written the outline in 3 days so there are a lot of things needed to be rewritten, removed or replaced. It's told in the perspective of Warren, an immortal boy and is hundreds of years old, but it mostly centres around Mel, a fire-starter who is emotionally and mentally unstable.

Mel (left) and Warren (right)
I've got a pretty clear idea of how Warren looks like, but I can't seem to get it down. Either way, Mel's all set!

In other news, it's Diana Wynne Jones month and I've been reading her Chrestomanci series! Fanart super soon!

That's all for now! Next update will be an art dump for sure! Plus some character designs I've got in mind for comics and stories! Here’s to a year filled with creativity!

Much Love!

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