Monday, October 8, 2012

When one door closes, another opens!

WELP! Time to update the old blog!

As you know, Grim and I are a creative team and we've got plenty happening!

:EPOCH Files chapter 0 recently came to a close and we're continuing production of on-coming chapters! Chapter 1 will be launching January 2013!

Other than our main webcomic project, we're diligently working on a one-shot manga for (now that I think about it) an INTERNATIONAL manga competition! Truth be told, I don't think we stand a chance but having people read our stuff is good enough for me!

Here's one of the pre-production art for  out manga entry!

We're taking a break from Anthology works for now since we'd like to focus more on our personal projects for the next year (and honestly, my hand can't take anymore!) but we're definitely planning on doing more!

Next year we also plan to officially start production on Howard & Edgar (It's been in pre-production for over a year!) in the middle of 2013 so we're both super excited!

Mary pestering Howard! (Pre-production sketch)
Mary and Edgar are a little incredulous to Howard's methods. 
I'm currently covered in storyboards and concept sketches, so I'll see if I can post more soon! Until then!


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